• National Cyber Security Drill

    Q-CERT organized and hosted the 1st National Cyber Security Drill [STAR-1], the national cyber security drill which is the first of its kind in the region was a success due to the participation and support of around 25 critical infrastructures in the activities. The one-day exercise took place in ictQATAR (The Ministry of Information and Communication technologies) , Doha, on December 14th and featured a scenario of several cyber security incidents in a simulated environment that escalated and tested national level coordination procedures.


    For more information please read STAR-1 drill fact sheet (HERE).




  • Q-CERT Organizes Secure Energy Conference on 21/02/2013
    Q-CERT organized Secure Energy 2013, a conference highlighting the latest information security trends, challenges and risks in the energy sector in Qatar. The one-day conference, was held at Crown Plaza Hotel, Doha, on February 21 and featured several interesting discussions and case studies in the ICS (Industrial Control Systems) threat landscape, challenges in securing ICS operation and other key areas of relevance to information security in the sector.
    Khalid Al-Hashmi, Executive Director, Q-CERT, highlighted in his opening speech that Qatar’s progress in cyber security in the energy sector is being recognized the world over. He said that Japan CERT has shown keenness to copy the Qatari-made ICS Standard which will soon be issued in its 3rd revision for the state’s energy organizations.
    The annual conference is a good platform to raise awareness on information security in the sector by sharing industry best practices and latest trends. Speakers at the conference included Chris Blask, Chief Architect, NorthWind Technologies Qatar and Chair of Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC); Peter Panholzer from Limes security and co-author of +SECURE; Jonathan Pollet, Founder of Red Tiger Security; Jim Gilsinn, Co-Chair of ISA99/IEC 62443; Omar Sherin, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Manager, Q-CERT; and Mounir Kamal Incident Handling and Forensics Section Manager, Q-CERT.             
    “Qatar’s progress in cyber security in the energy sector; a vital sector for Qatar’s national economy, is being recognized the world over. In fact Japan CERT, for instance, is keen to replicate the Qatari-made SCADA security standard for the state’s energy organizations,” said Khalid Al-Hashmi, Executive Director, Q-CERT, speaking at the opening of the conference.
    Omar Sherin, Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Manager, Q-CERT, shared his insights about Information Security Risk Management in ICS environments and announced that ictQATAR, will launch an iPAD application for energy and utilities organizations in qatar to measure their compliance with the new SCADA standard. The new SCADA Standard 3rd release has been developed following ictQATAR’s extensive consultations with energy corporations countrywide to make it localized with a Qatari approach and keeping abreast with latest technologies,and after including the lessons learned from all the attacks this region has witnessed” he said.
    The conference was attended by over 100 people representing various Qatari energy corporations such as Qatar Petroleum and Qatargas.           
  • Launch of new Q-CERT Website (Soft-Launch)
    Q-CERT is pleased to announce the "soft-launch" of its new website, a huge effort on part of Q-CERT Team over the past few months while going live with the new look.
    Apart from online services like reporting an incident, the new website boasts of added functionalities such as "Requests for services" based on the service catalog, a comprehensive library of information security material (Best Practices, Standards, Legislations from across the world) etc.
    As we go forward we will continue adding new functionalities such as an Arabic interface. Stay Tuned and follow our success ....
    Q-CERT Team will announce about these new features and enhancements as they become available through our media channels such as the website, newsletter, twitter etc...
    We hope that visitors to our website and our stakeholders will appreciate the new look and the services that it offers.
    We hope and trust that our endeavor to bring value addition to our website by offering new services through our website and making it content rich will strike a chord amongst our stakeholders and we are sure that they will find it immensely useful in achieving their information security objectives.
    We look forward to make this site more useful to you and to our community in Qatar, the citizens, residents, government and semi government organizations and the critical sector organizations.
    Help us improve this website further by providing constructive feedbacks. You could do this by sending email to or through Opinion Poll in the Home Page.


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