• Cyber Security Fundamentals Course
    As an initiative to equip organizations to keep their technology infrastructure secure, The Ministry of Transport and Communications cordially invites IT professionals in Qatar to register for the upcoming Cybersecurity Fundamentals course conducted by SecureNinja.  The 4 days course provides participants with a high-level overview of various aspects of Cybersecurity in the context of a modern and internet-connected environment. Through lecture, hands-on exercises, and group discussions, students will gain a foundational perspective on the challenges of designing a cyber security program, implementing secure systems, and other factors needed for a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.

    Every student participating in the course will receive a certificate for successful participation which will allow them to claim 40 hours of continuous professional experience.

    Click here to register
  • OpenSSL Security Advisory [DROWN]
    DROWN is a vulnerability that affects HTTPS, and associated services like browsing the internet, mail, Instant messages that rely on SSL/TLS.
    DROWN allows attackers to decrypt the communication and steal sensitive information like passwords, financial data, emails, Instant messages, and credit card numbers.
  • Guidelines for Securing Social Media Accounts v1.0

    Social networks / media is an organization’s identity in the virtual world. This social identity is very much linked to its corporate public image and needs to be protected as much in the virtual world as in the real world. The social media account if not secured may open a floodgate to compromising and maligning your corporate public image. This document provides mitigation advice and security controls to help reduce threats such as unauthorized access as well as steps to follow in order to retrieve a stolen account.

  • National Cyber Security Drill STAR-3

    After the resounding success of STAR -1 and STAR-2, ictQATAR Cyber Security /Q-CERT is organizing STAR -3, the 3rd National Cyber Security Drill. The event is a Cyber security simulation in a controlled environment designed to train and assess organization’s capabilities in responding to incidents, managing crisis, ability to have holistic business view on security and fostering communication within the sector and regulators.


    It is an Invitation Only event and invitees are requested to send their completed forms ASAP



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