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Meridian Library

In 2010, Qatar successfully hosted the Meridian conference for the first time in Middle East- Africa region. As part of its commitment to the Meridian initiative, Qatar endeavored to develop a CIIP Centre of Excellence with the intent of providing CIIP related information to personnel and practitioners in the domain. The CIIP CoE contains copies of CIIP related legislations from across the world, Strategies published by various countries and global institutions, Best practices and guidelines. The documents are available in English and also in the original regional languages.

Meridian Library PDF Files:-

AU-BP-Infrastructure Information In The Public Domain-Eng-2010.pdf
AU-RP-National Organisational Resilience Framework Workshop The Outcomes-Eng-2007.pdf
ENISA-BP-Good Practice Guide Network Security Information Exchanges-Eng-2009.pdf
ENISA-BP-Good Practice Guide On National Exercises-Eng-2009.pdf
ENISA-BP-Good Practices On Reporting Security Incidents-Eng-2009.pdf
ENISA-BP-Protecting Industrial Control Systems,
Recommendations for Europe and Member States-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-BP-Security & Resilience In Governmental Clouds-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-BP-Smartphone Secure Development Guidelines-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-BP-Technical Guideline On Reporting Incidents-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-RP-Analysis of Cyber Security Aspects In The Maritime Sector-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-RP-Cooperative Models For Effective Public Private Partnerships
Desktop Research Report-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-RP-Cyber Europe Report-Eng-2010.pdf
ENISA-RP-Hungary Country Report-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-RP-InterX Resilience Of The Internet Interconnection Ecosystem-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-RP-Mutual Aid For Resilient Infrastructure In Europe Key Observations Report-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-RP-Survey And Analysis Of Security Parameters In Cloud SLAs Across
The European Public Sector-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-STD-A Security Analysis of Next Generation Web Standards-Eng-2011.pdf
ENISA-STD-Botnets Detection,Measurement,Disinfection&Defence-Eng-2011.pdf
GER-BP-Protecting Critical Infrastructures Risk And Crisis Management-Eng-2008.pdf
GER-BP-Protection Of Critical Infrastructures Baseline Protection Concept-Eng-2005.pdf
JP-BP-Principles For Formulating Safety Standards,
Guidelines For Assurance Of Critical Infrastructures Security-Eng-2007.pdf
OECD-RP-Protection Of Critical Infrastructure And The Role Of Investment Policies Relating
To National Security-Eng-2008.pdf
SE-BP-Guide To Increased Security In Industrial Control Systems-Eng-2010.pdf
SE-RP-A Functioning Society In A Changing World-Eng-2011.pdf
UK-BP-Natural Hazards Infrastructure-Eng-2011.pdf
UK-BP-Section A Introduction, Definitions And Principles Of Infrastructure Resilience-Eng-2011.pdf
UK-BP-Section B Building Resilience-Eng-2011.pdf
UK-BP-Section C Practical Guidance-Eng-2011.pdf
UK-BP-Section D Annex-Eng-2011.pdf
UK-BP-Summary Of Consultation Responses-Eng-2011.pdf
US-BP-National Preparedness Guidelines-Eng-2007.pdf
US-RP-Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Report-Eng-2010.pdf
US-STD-National Incident Management System-Eng-2008.pdf
CAN-LG-Legislative Summary for Bill C-28-Eng-2011.pdf
CAN-LG-Legislative Summary for Bill C-28-Fr-2011.pdf
EST-LG-Emergency Act-Eng-2009.pdf
EU-LG-Directive 2009_140_EC-Eng-2009.pdf
US-LG-Information Anlysis And Infrastructure Protection-Eng-2002.pdf
 AR-STR-National Program Of Critical Infrastructures Of Information And Cyber Security-Eng-2011.pdf
 AR-STR-National Program Of Critical Infrastructures Of Information And Cyber Security-Spa-2011.pdf
 AU-STR-Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy Supplement-Eng-2010.pdf
 AU-STR-Critical Infrastructure Resilience Strategy-Eng-2010.pdf
 CAN-PL-Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure-Eng-2009.pdf
 CAN-PL-Action Plan for Critical Infrastructure-Fr-2009.pdf
 CAN-PL-Information Technology Incident Management Plan-Eng-2009.pdf
 CAN-PL-Information Technology Incident Management Plan-Fr-2009.pdf
 CAN-STR-Canada's Cyber Security Strategy-Eng-2010.pdf
 CAN-STR-Canada's Cyber Security Strategy-Fr-2010.pdf
 CAN-STR-National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure-Eng-2009.pdf
 CAN-STR-National Strategy for Critical Infrastructure-Fr-2009.pdf
 ENISA-STR-National Cyber Security Strategies-Eng-2012.pdf
 GER-PL-CIP Implementation Plan-Eng-2007.pdf
 GER-PL-National Plan For Information Infrastructure Protection-Eng-2005.pdf
 GER-STR-National Strategy For Critical Infrastructure Protection-Eng-2009.pdf
 JP-PL-Information Security-Eng-2011.pdf
 JP-PL-The Second Action Plan On Information Security Measures
For Critical Infrastructures-Eng-2009.pdf
 JP-STR-Information Security Strategy For Protecting The Nation-Eng-2010.pdf
 SG-PL-Infocomm Security Masterplan 2-Eng-2008.pdf
 SE-PL-Handling Serious IT Incidents-Eng-2011.pdf
 SE-STR-IT For Everyone-Eng-2011.pdf
 SE-STR-Strategy For Information Security In Sweden-Eng-2010.pdf
US-PL-National Emergency Communications Plan-Eng-2008.pdf
US-PL-National Infrastructure Protection Plan-Eng-2009.pdf
US-STR-Blueprint For A Secure Cyber Future-Eng-2011.pdf